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Mission Statement

At both of our Newport Beach and Huntington Beach outpatient locations, it is our mission to provide the finest, most comprehensive treatment programs available to those who suffer from the disease of addiction. We believe it is our job to prepare each of our clients for their new life ahead, a life full of love, happiness and serenity. We believe in the thorough process of recovery and know firsthand how important long-term care is if long-term recovery is the goal.

At HCBTS, our focus lies primarily in assisting each of our clients and their families in the healing process of addiction. Because our programs are dual-diagnosis, each treatment plan is designed to address the wounded mind, body, and spirit of our clients. We believe in treating one’s addiction in tandem with one’s underlying issues. Through our program, our clients will be able to discover what underlying issues they have and how these issues played a role in their need to seek relief in drugs and alcohol. By becoming aware of these issues and treating them with a variety of therapy modalities, specifically implemented into each client’s individual treatment plan, our clients will learn new and healthier coping mechanisms, gain a level of self-esteem they never knew was possible, and begin living life again; a life free from drugs and alcohol.

Our mission at Hotel California By the Sea has always been to do whatever it takes to help our clients achieve and sustain long-term recovery. We believe there is a strong-correlation between long-term care and long-term recovery which is why we offer all levels of care. We want our clients to go through their recovery process as thoroughly as possible, taking one step at a time. No one’s recovery should be rushed because when it is rushed, the likelihood of one staying sober is reduced significantly. Thus, we transition our clients to the next step when and only when they are ready. At HCBTS, recovery is not a sprint; recovery is a marathon that lasts forever. By taking it one step at a time and one day at a time, we are confident that our clients will have the time necessary to heal and to truly get the help they so desperately need. At HCBTS, we are by our clients side as their biggest advocate from the day they come into treatment. Like a marathon that lasts forever, our relationships with our clients also last forever.