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Insurance Verification

At The Center, we understand the value of insurance for our clients and their families. At your request, we can assist in the insurance verification and coverage process with the help of our insurance utilization review team. After the verification process is completed, our team can explain the benefits and processes to the patient and/or the primary insurance holder.

We also value and understand the importance of maintaining privacy and security for our patients. Our staff utilizes the necessary protocols for all of your sensitive personal data.

You are welcome to use our online Insurance Verification Information Form found below. This page, along with the entire website is maintained on a secured certificate (https) protocol to keep any and all information transmitted to us encrypted and secured for your protection.

The insurance form found below is specifically designed to assist you in an expedited insurance verification process. If you would feel more comfortable conducting the process over the phone, we are pleased to assist you when you call (800) 762-6717.

Insurance Verification Form