Medication Assistance for Heroin Detox

Heroin, many would argue, is one of the most difficult substances to overcome. Successful detoxification, without the assistance of medications and behavioral therapy, is extremely rare as seen by the high rates of recidivism. Traditionally, many addicts turned to methadone maintenance programs to be free of heroin addiction. Today, many heroin addicts turn to Suboxone [...]

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Secondhand E-Cigarette Exposure

Little is known about e-cigarette vapor and the associated health impacts of the devices. Efforts to regulate e-cigarettes have been a slow process, in many public settings, including restaurants and bars, people continue to vape away. The Federal Drug Administration's (FDA) just conducted its second workshop regarding public health concerns with e-cigarette use and exposure [...]

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Privacy Friendly Drug Testing

While conducting drug tests via urine samples is reliable, there are many people that argue that the method crosses the line of acceptable privacy intrusion. Every day, all over the country, people are required to provide urine samples for work, legal or recovery reasons. Naturally, the need for developing methods of drug testing that do [...]

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Beliefs About Nicotine May Affect Addiction To It

New research suggests that a person’s beliefs about nicotine may affect a person's addiction to it, Medical News Today reports. While the most common methods for quitting tobacco can be effective, such as nicotine replacement therapy and smoking cessation drugs, the new study found that participants who were told their cigarettes were nicotine free were [...]

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Snus Linked to Alcohol Dependence

Recently, one of the makers of ‘Snus’, smokeless tobacco that comes in tea bag like pouches, asked the FDA to consider reclassifying the product as being safer than cigarettes. While snus may actually be less harmful than cigarettes, new research has found that middle-aged people who use snus are twice as likely to develop alcohol [...]

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Hard Working People Using Amphetamines

The use of amphetamines, prescription stimulants such as Adderall or Ritalin, is most commonly associated with teenagers and young adults. Drugs prescribed for the treatment of ADHD and ADD are often used by people who do not require the drug, most commonly to study longer or party harder. However, new research suggests that some adults [...]

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Highly Processed Food Could Be More Addictive

Humans rely on food and water to survive, which is one of the reasons recovering from an overeating disorder is extremely difficult. Unlike drugs and alcohol, which only serve to anesthetize, food provides the body and mind nourishment. But when that which provides sustenance becomes an addiction, it can lead to obesity, a host of [...]

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Adolescents with Daytime Sleepiness Using Marijuana

A new study of adolescents experiencing daytime sleepiness showed that 10 percent of the participants tested positive for marijuana in their urine analysis, Science Daily reports. The research was conducted by the Nationwide Children's Hospital. This is the first study to look at the prevalence of positive drug screens in pediatric patients showing symptoms of [...]

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Cannabis Use and Bipolar Disorder

The disease of addiction is often accompanied by other mental illnesses, such as depression and bipolar disorder. When this is the case it is known in the field as co-occurring disorders (previously called dual diagnosis). More times than not, those seeking help for substance use disorders are also struggling with mental illness. In these cases, [...]

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