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At Hotel California By the Sea, we understand our role as the first stepping stone in our clients journey back to life. After having been in the grips of addiction for quite some time, many of our clients come into treatment with ruined relationships, limited financial security, and little to no career potential. In fact, many of the clients come into treatment as a last resort after having been kicked out of school, fired from a job or after having been in trouble with the law.

Our goal at HCBTS has always been to translate one’s success in recovery to success in one’s personal and professional lives. Our Career Resource Program was designed to set our clients up for success in both areas, their recovery as well as their everyday lives. Specifically, we created this program to teach our clients how to have a meaningful life as they begin to transition to lower levels of care and back into the real world.

The transition back into reality can be very overwhelming, especially for those who have been in their disease for a long time. Whether we are teaching the basics on how to write a check, how to build a resume, conducting mock job interviews or how to dress for an interview, our clients have unlimited access to our Career Resource Program and are guaranteed to find the resources they need.

To read more about the “mini” programs we offer within our flagship Career Resource Program and to see photos of our Career Resource Center, click here.