The President Commutes 22 Drug Offenders

The war on drugs in America has landed millions of non-violent drug offenders in jail. More people in America are in jail than any other country, and more than half of them are in jail for drug related offenses. What’s worse, after serving their time, often extraordinarily long sentences, they find limited options for the [...]

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Computer Model of the Brain May Shed Light on Addiction

A computer model, which explains how animals select actions with rewarding outcomes, may shed light on the mechanisms behind motor disorders and abnormal learning in the brain, such as addiction, Medical News Today reports. "We wanted to look at how we learn from feedback - particularly how we learn to associate actions to new unexpected [...]

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Heroin Use Harmful for HIV Patients

New research shows that the occasional use of heroin may be especially harmful for HIV patients, Science Daily reports. Researchers at Yale and Boston University, as well as Russian collaborators, have found that occasional use of the drug can affect the immune system negatively, potentially worsening the disease. Patients who used heroin regularly, or not [...]

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