The Mixture of Alcohol and Nicotine

Alcohol and tobacco are the two most prevalent substance used and they are also extremely difficult to quit. The fact that they are both legal means they can be found at practically every corner store in America. Smoking cigarettes does not necessarily mean that an individual drinks alcohol, but alcohol and tobacco are the two [...]

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Vivitrol Reduces Recidivism Rates

Relapse prevention is an understudied area of addiction; keeping former drug users from returning to their drug of choice is of the utmost priority. Many alcoholics with a history of chronic relapse turn to drugs like antabuse as an extra level of protection. With the growing rates of prescription opioid and heroin abuse, a number [...]

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Cholesterol Drug Stimulates Cannabinoid Receptors

In the wake of the prescription opioid drug epidemic in America many states became in favor of medical marijuana programs for treating chronic pain. While there is not much known regarding the efficacy of marijuana for pain treatment, there are a number of Americans who now argue for and rely on marijuana to treat their [...]

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Stiff Penalties Reduce Drunk Driving

In the United States, driving under the influence carries with it the risk of stiff penalties. In most states, being charged with a drunk driving offense often results in jail time, loss of license and high fines. While many people caught driving under the influence are often repeat offenders, new research indicates that the punishment [...]

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Russians Drinking Lethal Moonshine

Russians, known for love of Vodka and heavy alcohol consumption, are turning towards potentially lethal moonshine as the country's economy continues to worsen, the Associated Press reports. In some cases, people are even drinking medical alcohol and cleaning products to achieve a fix. Alcoholism in Russia has long been a public health crisis, but with [...]

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Minimal Alcohol Use Linked to Liver Cancer

It’s no secret that habitual alcohol use carries with it the risk of health problems and/or addiction. While moderated alcohol use is generally benign, those who drink several times a week often experience adverse effects. In fact, new research suggests that having three alcoholic beverages a day can result in liver cancer, The Guardian reports. [...]

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Alcohol Interlock Devices in all New Automobiles

Every year, thousands of people lose their lives due to drunk driving accidents. Despite serious penalties for drunk driving offenses, people continue to tempt fate by getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. In 2012, more than 30% of all motor vehicle deaths involved alcohol, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Today, [...]

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FDA Issues Safety Alert On Chantix ®

Anybody with a history of smoking tobacco products is well aware of the difficulty that accompanies quitting. If often times takes people years to finally cull cigarettes from their daily routine, despite the host of smoking cessation products available. While some anti-smoking aids like gums and patches, and drugs like Chantix ® have proven to [...]

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Medication Assistance for Heroin Detox

Heroin, many would argue, is one of the most difficult substances to overcome. Successful detoxification, without the assistance of medications and behavioral therapy, is extremely rare as seen by the high rates of recidivism. Traditionally, many addicts turned to methadone maintenance programs to be free of heroin addiction. Today, many heroin addicts turn to Suboxone [...]

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