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12 Step Recovery

The 12 step program is designed to provide individuals with a set of principles to guide them through problems and overcome their struggles. The affirmations are used to outline a way in which to continue through life without returning to damaging behavior like substance addiction. The 12 step program has become a cornerstone of recovery and has served to benefit many patients since its inception.

Newport Beach, California is home to one of the most active and strong recovery communities in the United States. With over 100 12-step recovery meetings per week in the community and several hundred more throughout Orange County, Newport Beach is an ideal area for recovering from substance addiction.

The community offers a diverse array of options to meet a patient’s individual needs, including options such as bonfire meetings, beach meetings, child-friendly meetings, gender-specific meetings, LGBT, and more to help patients find a strong support system for each need.

The 12 step program creates a fellowship in which it brings an individual out of isolation and helps them form strong relationships with others. These relationships are strengthened by their common goals and hold each person accountable through the support of their peers. Many clients at The Center are able to participate within the 12 step recovery community and quickly find comfort in the peer-supported environment. For the first time in a long time, they feel at ease in the strong fellowship: that they are “home.”