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Orange County Addiction AssessmentAssessment

After our Admissions Department screens clients for appropriateness of care, we provide a comprehensive assessment for potential clients and their families. The goal of the assessment is to get a snapshot of the addict or alcoholic entering treatment so we can skillfully craft a treatment plan customized for their needs.

To do this we discuss the potential client’s history of substance abuse and ailments as well as any additional factors that have contributed to their addiction whether they be medical or environmental. We can meet with each individual’s families or close loved ones to incorporate them into the treatment plan as well. We know how important it is to keep caring family members involved.

Our assessments determine the following:

  • Level of care (outpatient, residential, detox)
  • Case management needs
  • Family therapy needs
  • Therapist assignment
  • Length of program
  • Auxiliary services
  • Medical needs

At The Center we understand the uniqueness of each client and believe the treatment process should reflect just that. Client’s recovery process is guided by a treatment team of doctors, case managers and therapists that they are matched with based on their needs. By customizing treatment plans to best fit the needs of each client, informed by their assessment, we set them up for the best chance of continued sobriety.