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Getting sober should be the primary concern of each individual entering our program. Those battling addiction already have enough going on in their lives, which are often unmanageable when they come through our doors.  We want to help mitigate the exterior pressures or responsibilities that may inhibit a client from focusing on their recovery. Many say that whatever one puts before their recovery they will ultimately lose. That is why we help clients manage all the things that get in the way of this focus.


Each client entering The Center will be assigned a Case Manager. The Case Manager helps clients with their day-to-day needs, from outside appointments to professional or educational requirements.  By having someone assist them with scheduling counseling or doctor’s appointments, locating meetings, transportation, insurance questions, or organizing family group sessions, it helps the client trying to get sober focus on just that end. As they get some sobriety time, many began managing these tasks over time until they are well adept at successfully managing their own lives again in tandem with their recovery.