Orange County Outpatient DetoxOutpatient Detox

For our clients in Newport Beach who desire additional privacy, care, and the comfort of their own home, The Center is able to facilitate individualized outpatient detox services. Dr. Joseph DeSanto, a board certified physician with over 15 years of clinical experience, and our medical team will meet you in your home. There they will perform a full evaluation and create a plan to ensure the safety and comfort of your detox. In many situations, the complete detox process can be completed in under a week.

Dr. DeSanto, our Medial Director and Director of DeSanto Clinics for Recovery, will perform the full physical exam and medical evaluation in the comfort of your home or at his offices in Newport Beach, California. Patients can expect a thorough examination including drug screening, vital readings, blood work, EKG readings, and a full physical exam. These tests will be used to create an individualized detox protocol.

Under the close supervision of Dr. DeSanto, our medical team will closely monitor your progress each day. You will be referred to a clinical specialist for assistance with any other issues needing treatment. Our counselors will also be available to ensure a complete and comprehensive recovery process.

After completing a successful detoxification through our Orange County outpatient detox program, a long-term treatment plan can be created to help our client maintain sobriety and to guide our clients towards their success.