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Sober Companions

In the recovery community there is a popular expression: “We could do together what we could not do alone.”

Sober companions offer another valuable element of continuing care. These companions are especially important for clients who seek treatment at The Center but who reside outside of Southern California. Returning home after treatment can often create fear and anxiety in clients.  We can gladly provide a companion to join you at home. Our companions have experienced long-term sobriety and they remember their own experiences of reintegrating with work and family after treatment. Companions are able to available to assist you with all elements at the beginning of your new journey – including accompanying you on your return trip, creating a support system at home locating nearby recovery meetings, and simply providing moral support.

We also offer the option of wonderful sober coaches. Similar to an executive coach, a sober coach is able to help you as you continue to develop tools for sobriety after treatment. This is especially beneficial because many who enter our treatment programs have struggled with addiction for years. As a newly sober individual, the challenges of work and home life can be overwhelming. Coaching provides another level of support as you transition out of treatment and return to your home. This helps implement new healthy habits and skills to send you the path to a successful future of sobriety.

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