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We offer several therapeutic options for our clients at our Newport Beach and Huntington Beach outpatient addiction centers. All of the therapies we offer are cutting-edge and evidence-based; the therapies we implement are used to not only treat one’s addiction but also one’s underlying core issues. To ensure that our client’s are set up for success in their recovery, we implement an array of therapy options into their treatment plans. Whether in a group or individual setting, our clients are guaranteed to experience clinical excellence in all of our therapeutic offerings. To learn more about some of the therapies we offer, read the description(s) below.


Knowledge is power. Psychotherapy helps individuals in our program understand and accept their condition on a much deeper level.

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Relapse Prevention

Identifying and working through triggers is the cornerstone of a successful transition and lasting recovery.

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Group Therapy

Group therapy gives clients the chance to get feedback on their recovery process.

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Our therapists offer one on one spiritual guidance sessions and a group meditation session once a week.

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Many individuals with a substance addiction have experienced a form of trauma at some point in their lives. EMDR is an effective treatment for treating trauma.

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