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Group Therapy

The road to recovery is a long journey if traveled alone. As an important element of recovery, we encourage clients to participate in group therapy. This form of therapy provides the opportunity to receive feedback during their recovery process, all while gaining new perspectives on recovery from other members of their group. The group therapy sessions provide support to each member as well as personal accountable throughout the recovery process.



It is common practice for individuals suffering with an addiction to feel isolated. Without a network of caring people, those with addiction are more likely to return to their negative behavior. Group therapy develops a support network through a sense of community that is extremely helpful to each person through recovery. As part of our Outpatient Treatment Program, clients are able to develop skills that encourage their sobriety in the future. Individuals are able to heal from their negative behavior by moving beyond their isolation and into a community of individuals with shared experiences.

Snapshot of Recovery

Group therapy provides clients with a glimpse into the recovery process. During the early stages of their stay, clients will encounter others who are further along in their journey while participating in group therapy. This allows them to see their continued progress as they succeed and thrive in their own endeavors. This provides those that are early in the process the motivation and vision to continue along the path to recovery. The interaction encourages goals for a better quality of life.

In time, clients will reach the point where they become the seasoned members of the program, providing motivation to others. The learning experiences continue as they are now given the opportunity to see those who are new to sobriety with an outward viewpoint. In this situation, many of our seasoned clients take to teaching the new clients helpful skills and furthering the sense of community. The ability to help others is a valuable aspect of recovery, allowing them to transfer from the role of “student” to “teacher.” This allows them to continually strengthen their own skills.