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What is Psychoeducation?

Psychoeducation allows a client to understand and gain knowledge about their condition through therapy sessions. Achieving a better understanding of the condition allows those who experience symptoms like anxiety, addiction, or depression to fully benefit from therapy sessions.



Knowledge is Power

The ability to understand and accept their condition allows clients in the psychotherapy program to benefit at a much deeper level. Knowledge about the nature of their addiction provides the client with a sense of power over their addiction. Through this empowerment, clients are able to develop their own resources and means for handling the disease in the future.

As a valuable element of our program, psychoeducation allows clients to understand the history and nature of their disease. They gain a better understanding of the condition as a whole and learn about the nature of relapse. In addition to the introspective study, clients will also learn how their condition affects their family and loved ones.

Keys to Success

Above all, it is important that clients understand that their condition is not to be considered a moral failure, but instead a disease that requires treatment. This shift in perspective eliminates barriers that can hinder the process of recovery. By recognizing there is a problem, clients are able to take the first step towards solving it. This recognition is matured into an understanding through our Outpatient Treatment Program. Through greater understanding of their addiction, individuals are more likely to achieve successful long-term sobriety.