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Relapse Prevention

At The Center, our substance abuse treatment plans are designed to provide our clients with the highest chance for success during and after the program is completed. Relapse prevention is a crucial element to success in sobriety. Our treatment plans are custom tailored to the needs of each individual client, allowing them to stay for as little or as long as they need.

While involved in our treatment, clients are able to work through triggers and concerns such as family problems, relationships, and other situations that can lead to a potential relapse. Through individual and family therapy sessions, patients are able to identify and address the elements associated with the addictive behavior.

After transitioning out of our care, life events can naturally arise and blindside an individual, triggering emotions that challenge their recovery. Relapse prevention utilizes a combination of group and individual therapy to successfully transition after a client’s stay. This process allows individuals to pinpoint concerns and address them in a safe and controlled environment without triggering a relapse.

For many individuals, relapse prevention makes the difference between maintaining sobriety or relapsing into former behaviors and substance abuse. The program facilitates care after transitioning out of the outpatient program for application in daily life. Individuals have access to our highly trained and qualified relapse prevention staff, allowing them to work through challenges while living life independently. This structure facilitates long lasting opportunity to experience long-term recovery.