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At The Center, many of the individuals who enter our treatment are doing so with dampened spirits. The substance abuse only exacerbates the feelings of shame, anxiety, guilt, depression, and pain that have often led them there in the first place.

The result is a person who feels broken, dull, and hopeless. The cornerstone of our program revolves around renewing their spirits alongside their journey into sobriety, while instilling grace, pride, purpose, and poise in the process.

Our clients work with the guidance of our master’s level therapist to find their spirituality. The therapist will facilitate one-on-one spiritual guidance sessions to meet the needs of the individual, as well a group meditation session once a week.

Clients can also find guidance through our Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors. They are able to help clients through their 12 Step process while incorporating 12 Step principals of spirituality into their daily lives.

For each person, spirituality and meditation is a unique and individualized approach. This spirituality leads to acute awareness, heightened clarity, and a stronger foundation of understanding, meaning, and purpose.

At The Center, we have created a variety of opportunities to explore spirituality. Our schedule offers options to meet each client’s need to exercise spirituality – whether in a strong community of individuals with shared experiences or through additional opportunities. Options include opportunities such as 12 Step meetings, yoga on the beach, tai chi, and more.