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Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

It is quite common for alcohol and drug abuse to start as a means of self-medicating anxiety, depression, a traumatic experience, or even a mood disorder diagnosis like bipolar disorder. Drug abuse can occur in symptoms that mirror mental illness. It is important for individuals seeking addiction treatment to undergo evaluation for co-occurring disorders.

After substance abuse treatment, the underlying issues of mood disorders can make sobriety more difficult to manage, often due to the parallels in symptoms. To provide the most lasting results at The Center, we utilize psychological testing to evaluate the potential for underlying issues. Our clients with co-occurring conditions are then paired with licensed therapists who specialize in treating their specific disorders. If needed, the client can be placed in the care of psychiatrist or medical doctor who has been certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

At The Center, our highly credentialed specialists understand the importance of treating substance abuse in tandem with any underlying disorders so we make this the cornerstone of our co-occurring treatment program. To learn more for yourself or a loved one, contact our staff for a confidential call.



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