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Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a dependence on recreational use of prescription drugs or street drugs like methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or Ecstasy. Many people are able to use these prescription or street drugs occasionally without concern of addiction but others can become dependent on the substances quickly. The risk can lead to abuse requiring treatment to overcome.

Due to the unique neurochemistry of some individuals, certain people are more predisposed to addiction than others. For these prone individuals, the pursuit of pleasure takes over once the addictive chemicals are introduced to the brain. This is where The Center helps.

Using our tried and true individualized methods, we are able to help many clients regain control of their lives through our private outpatient treatment program. Under the care of our highly credentialed staff within a community of like-minded individuals, our clients begin the journey to thrive in sober life. We provide the tools needed to harness their sobriety and pursue success. These skills have a lasting impact even after a client leaves our outpatient treatment center in California. If you or a loved one could benefit from substance abuse treatment on the road to recovery, please contact us.



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